Nov 22, 2011

Gundam X Mini Munny

A current commission piece that's almost complete! Will post final completed pics in a few days. Still working on the decals. Will post some progress shots along with the final pics when 100% complete.

Pple often ask what my thought process is when creating customs. I don't have any one specific process I go through every time. I rarely (if ever) do any sketches prior to building. Customs are fun to do so I find it best to just free-build it. Whenever I have to create a custom of an existing design (Gundam in this case), I try not to go too literal. The Munny platform is cool but simple. So I try to keep it consistent. I look for key details on the original design and incorporate those into my piece. Imho, trying to fit too much detail into this particular platform will ruin the overall look.

That's all for now! Back to work!

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