Jun 17, 2012

TF upgrade kit collaboration

Here's a collaboration project I did with Headrobots.com a while back. It's an upgrade kit for a Transformer's 'Toys R Us' exclusive toy.  The kit consists of a samurai sword, knife, cod piece, tank turret, sword holster, and upgraded head.

Headrobot is quite known in the world of Transformer's collectables. They specialize in designing 3rd party Transformers add-on kits / upgrades and even stand alone figures.

The upgrade kit was mass produced via factory in China so all the parts you see above are actual plastic and not resin. A lot of my work is based on these collaboration type projects with other designers so I'm always hesitant on posting about them online. I figure I should post a few of them to give an idea of what type of other projects I work on. 

The original toy didn't have a tank turret for some odd reason. We added the turret to mimic the picture of the actual real life tank. Here's the last shot of the add on parts in rear view robot mode:

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