Jul 22, 2012

Unicorn WIP

This one's taking way too long to finish. Good thing the collector's been super patient with me which is great because I never want to just rush through a custom piece to get it done. I really do appreciate the patience!

Here's some quick insight on what this piece is about:

The private collector commissioning this piece enjoyed the last Gundam inspired piece I did which was "GundamHEAD" (bottom pic). For the Unicorn he wanted it with a larger 7inch Munny and a bit more detail. For Munny customs I tend to avoid too much detail and coverup to keep from losing the original "Munny" design. I tried my best not to go too overboard with the amount of detail so I focused the clutter around it's head, left the body rather simple, and closed it off with a cluttered foot/leg to balance it back out. 

This  piece will probably be done by  the end of this upcoming week.



  1. sweet! looks really good! is that a ball joint neck??

  2. Thanks Wills! The neck is not a ball joint. I just extended it to have the head more level. You know how the Munny always looks as though it's looking down a bit.