Apr 2, 2012

Semi SD Thunderbolt

Macrossworld.com is holding a small convention later this year and it just so happened to be Macross's 30th anniversary. I'm going to help produce a couple of low-run exclusives for the con. The first piece is going to be on the lower end in terms of pricing so it's going to be small and non-transformable. This way the parts count will be lower and pricing will also be lower. 


The second piece I'm going to release is going to be similar in size but transformable. Whenever something's transformable it automatically makes the parts count high. BTW, you know I don't show WIP pics of final products before they're complete! This Thunderbolt is definitely NOT part of the release. 

This is a practice project that I've been working on & off for the past couple of weeks. I'm using this piece to help gauge size and proportions for the 2 final projects and so far I'm quite happy with the overall size of the piece. 

1 comment:

  1. Rohby this is sick!! Didn't know you were making an SD Thunderbolt for the con. Can i share this on MW?