Apr 19, 2012

Upcoming Project

Here's some reference materials for an upcoming project. It's gonna be a grueling journey but it'll be worth it. I've always wanted to do something "VF-2SS" (Mecha from Macross II movie)  inspired but never had the opportunity until now. 

Macross II had a fairly shitty story line IMHO. The movie I don't really care for but the Valkyrie designs are cool and that's what I'm after. The Bandai model kit you see in the previous pic is probably the only decent model/toy ever made of the VF-2SS. Not a lot of love was ever given to that design as well as the series. Macross II is kind of like the "red headed step child" of the Macross universe. The story as well as the designs were not created by the original "Macross" creator/s. I don't know why and how that happened but it just did.

Anyhow, that's about all I know about that subject. 

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