Oct 15, 2012

Production WIP

Here's a few random progress shots from the "Thunderbolt" resin production.  There's only six more days til this projects due! Six days sound extremely short, but for production 6 days equal 12 days. How? You double the work load and split one "full" working day into two like so: 1st shift 8 hours, rest 2 hours (eat, piss, shit...etc.) , start 2nd shift for another 8 hours, sleep 6 hours, and do it all over again the next day. Six days become twelve. Now, if you can forgo eating, pissing, shitting, and sleeping, 6 days can actually  equal 18 days :)


Why the different colors? Casting resins annoying, whenever I cast I try to squeeze in as many projects together as possible to get them out of the way. For example: Project "A" needs to be cast in "Red" resin...but project "B" can be cast in any color. While casting project "A", if there's any left over room in the pressure tank I'll maximize space and throw in a couple of project "B" molds since color doesn't effect "B".

Hopefully that made sense!

After casting the parts out it's always a good idea to degrease them by putting them through a rinse with everyday dish washing detergent. Especially if you plan on applying paint.




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