Nov 5, 2012

Production Assembly Pics

Random pics from the final day of production. There were a lot of last minute tweaks and improvements that had to be made. Things that you couldn't foresee from the prototype appeared during and after assembly. One of the major set backs was a faulty elbow joint where I had to revise, remold, and recast.  

Three chairs and a stool. Guess which one was actually used to sit on? There's actually a good reason why one should sit lower when working long hours over a table. Sitting lower or having the table higher relieves stress towards your neck and back. It prevents you from having to crouch/bend over which most people tend to do when they're working with small detailed parts that require a high level of focus.

My timeline fell horribly short and had to get an emergency recruit! A second set of hands even if it's untrained helps wonders! There's just so much repetitive and tedious tasks that need to be done. Yeah, you can tell she's not so happy with me there, lol!

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