Nov 18, 2012

Spray booth

After 8+ years of spraying out doors I finally got around to building a spray booth. The convenience of being able to spray indoors without making a mess is absolutely priceless. The spray results are also much better since the over spray gets sucked away and don't land back onto your wet paint. I've used the booth for about 3 weeks so far and the advantages are tremendous.

Here's some pics of the booth being constructed. The project cost less than $200 total and took about 5 hours to plan and construct. Here's a quick breakdown of the items:

I purchased a Rubbermaid cabinet from Home Depot for 30 - 40 bucks. 
A few 12 x 12 air filters for about 3 bucks each also from Home Depot. 
Some foam core boards to construct the air filter tray from an art supply store.
A 20 ft flexible dryer duct from Home Depot for about 20 bucks used to vent out the polluted air.
Some dryer  duct attachment pieces also from Home Depot for about 10 bucks.
And a blower motor from Grainger's for 95 bucks. 

Here's a shot at of the filter after 2 days of spraying. It's supposed to be pure white in color. When it get's too dirty it actually clogs up and you get less suction out of it. So far I've already gone through 3 filters.

All in all, I couldn't be happier with the booth. I wish I had one from the beginning!

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